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Chivari Style

Chivari (Chiavari) Style Chairs

The Chivari chair, also spelled Chiavari, is a common chair used for weddings, parties, banquets, graduations, ball room events, etc. In fact, it's the rental industry, it's the most popular because it's versitle and popular for high profile events.  It's an elegant, stable and classic chair and can be used around tables for dining or used in rows for more formal seating.  With covers, cushions and other decorations, the chiavari chair will always be a great choice for any event. 

The first chivari chairs were make in wood, and still the most traditional material, but now they are very common in resin and aluminum for a lower maintenance option.  It's a lightweight reliable chair for high profile events and even business functions.

Chivari chairs stack 8-10 high depending on your facility.  Carts and covers are available for transport and storage.