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Chair Dolly

There are many types of chair dollies.  A chair dolly, or a chair cart is designed to move or store chairs. There are several different kinds, the most common being one that scoops the chairs up, then allows you to move 6 to 12 to another location and set them down for storage.

Another type of chair Dolly would be a flat pan style dolly or cart. This type of dolly or cart allows you to stack the chairs, move them to a location, but then you leave them on the cart. Sometimes this can be very convenient, if your storage space requires you to move things around regularly, but it does cost a little more because your carts have to stay with your stack of chairs. The one exception to this would be high density stacking chairs or wireframes stacking chairs on a dolly. Many of those chairs we can require a starter cart in order to effectively stack the chairs. The reason for this is that most all high density stacking chairs tend to march forward as they are stacked vertically, and so they become unstable as they are stacked.

The one notable exception to this is the line of Swiftset stacking chairs. Both the high density stacking chair and the standard Swiftset stacking chair were specifically designed to stacks straight up. What a concept. This allows you to stack them as high as you feel comfortable in terms of safety. A starter cart is not required but can be nice for these chairs as well.

Probably the most important thing to remember is that each chair Dolly generally fits a specific chair. Damage, unusual wear, and accidents can result from a chair dolly that is not designed for the chair being used. My advice is always to buy a chair Dolly from the same manufacturer of the chair, or one that has been used and is known to fit the unique nature of a chair.

This can be especially important for chiavri chairs. Not all chiavri chair Dolly or cards work with all chiavri chairs. The footprint of the chair can easily exceed the base of the card, making the cart useless for the chiavri chair you own. The same can be true of polyfold chairs and the wedding style chair.

Your best bet is to call the experts at Trident Furniture and let them help you get the chair Dolly you need. Detailed measurements can make a difference in making a selection and verifying that your chair will fit but most suppliers do not have that valuable information. Trident furniture does and we can help you make sure you get the right chair Dolly for your needs. 


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