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How to Receive a Shipment

Please Read this Carefully.  Failure to properly sign for freight delivery and document freight damage means you will not be able to file a freight claim. 

1. Don't Just Sign - Make Notes on the BOL (the proof of delivery paperwork the truck driver has you sign.)

Make a note of any damage or shortages on the Bill of Lading (BOL)  A good receiving clerk notes all irregularities on any shipment.  Noting the problem on the Bill of Lading is very important. Use as much detail as possible.  If you have a camera or smartphone handy, take digital pictures right away and immediately call Trident Furniture at 801-407-4297.


2. Keep the Freight - Don't Refuse without Permission From Trident!

Do no refuse delivery. Never discard the damaged freight until the claim has been resolved to satisfaction. We are not saying keep it in your warehouse in secret, as the carrier has the right to inspect the damaged freight. Furthermore, the carrier has the right to take ownership of and salvage the freight if full claim value is awarded.  The carrier has a right to salvage and may or may not do so.


3. Open, Inspect and Note on the Paperwork You Sign.

This is also #1, but worth repeating. It's always the root of the problem. 

If the box has a scratch or a dent or any visual damage whatsoever, NOTE THAT WHEN YOU SIGN and include "possible concealed damage" or 'Subject to Inspection"  then inspect the items as soon as possible, preferably while the driver is present.   Then call us if there is a problem.  801-407-4297.  


Again, failure to document damage at delivery means you will not be able to file a freight claim.