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Mity Furniture

Mity Furniture ,  Mity-Lite and Mity Enterprises are all the same. 

Mity-Lite, was originally a publicly traded company under the ticker Mity.  Many people still know Mity-Lite tables and chairs, under the name Mity Furniture.  the founder, Greg Wilson, came up with the name Mity Lite to describe the strength and lightweight nature of the table,which for the first 10 years was the only product that Mity-Lite sold.


Founded in 1987 and incorporated as MITY Enterprises, Inc., Mity-Lite has now, in 2017, added many product lines, many of which are imported from Asia or sourced from other domestic manufacturers.  Mity-Lite continues to build the ABS plastic tables in the Orem operations.


Mity-Lite has acquired other domestic manufacturers who make tables, carts or other multipurpose room products.  Some early acquisitions were sold off, and some products are sold under license like the Magnattach dance floor.

Trident Furniture Group is Mity-Lite's largest national distributor.  Key partners within Trident Furniture group were key players for 15 years in the sales and marketing of Mity Enterprises during their largest growth.

you can be confident ordering from Trident Furniture, that you will get the highest quality products, from the best manufacturer at the price point you want to pay.  In addition, you'll get expert advice from people who know the products inside and out.

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