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    Mity-Lite ABS Plastic Table - RT-3072 - 30" X 72" Rectangular Folding Leg Table

    $480.00 $213.84
    (You save $266.16)

    Mity-Lite ABS Plastic Table - RT-3072 - 30" X 72" Rectangular Folding Leg Table

    $480.00 $213.84
    (You save $266.16)
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    Net Weight:
    41.00 LBS
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    Product Description

    Mity-Lite Products from trident furniture


    Mity-Lite ABS Plastic Table - RT-3072 (30" X 72") Rectangular Folding Leg Table. 


    For more than 25 years, customers worldwide have benefitted from the durable lightweight MityLite folding table. The Mity-Lite table is so popular you will find them in use at almost any meeting, event, or banquet function that has them.  MityLite created the standard for lightweight durability in a folding table. A standard that today remains a top choice for facilities wanting versatility, performance, and a lower overall cost of ownership. Trident is proud to offer Mity-Lite tables and knows them inside and out.  Call for more information.

    MityLite ABS Plastic Table Colors and Color Combinations


    The Mity-Lite folding table is available in several colors and folding leg configurations.  This folding table is the ABS plastic design.  It has several leg styles as options including adjustable height legs.

    As you select various options, the table price will show the cost.

    The lowest price standard tables are the following four tables. 1) A "two-tone" design in beige and brown. The top is beige texture and the trim and apron (bottom) is brown with brown legs. 2) A "two-tone" design in gray and black. The top is gray texture and the trim and apron (bottom) is black with black legs. 3) An all brown table. The top is brown texture, with brown trim and brown apron (botton) and brown legs. 4) An all black table. The top is black texture, with black trim and black apron (botton) and black legs.

    The two (2) smooth top tables that carry a $15 per table up-charge are: 1) Speckled beige top with with brown trim and brown apron (botton) and brown legs. 2) Speckled gray with with black trim and black apron (botton) and black legs.

    Other color combinations ($10 per table up-charge) are the following. 1) A beige table with brown trim. The top is beige texture, with brown trim and beige apron (botton) and brown legs. This is the traditional Mity-Lite color combination. 2) An all gray table. The top is gray texture, with gray trim and gray apron (botton) and black legs. 3) Speckled beige top with with beige trim and brown apron (botton) and brown legs ($25 up-charge). 4) Speckled gray with with gray trim and black apron (botton) and black legs ($25 up-charge).


    Table height is 29" high with a 30 " option.  Supports a static 2000 lb load.

    Other color options are avaialble with a small upcharge to match existing inventory.

    Product questions? Or just need to make sure this is what you want?  Trident has over 25 years industry experience. Call us at 866-485-2864. Or email us at Trident has plywood and aluminum tables in all sizes and shapes.


    Detailed Folding Table Product Specifications



    Outer Shell:

    1. The top plastic shell, or tabletop surface, shall be formed from a nominal .050" [1.3mm] thick sheet of high impact ABS plastic. The entire top shell shall be permanently bonded to an internal wood laminate core (See “Internal Wood Laminate Core”).

    2. The table shell is supplied in four textured finishes or three smooth finishes.

    3. The edge thickness of the table shall be a nominal 3/4" [19mm] and shall accept standard industry skirting clips.

    4. The table top edge radius shall be nominally 3/16" [4.8mm]. The table bottom edge radius shall be approximately 5/64" [2mm].

    5. The bottom plastic shell shall be formed from a nominal .050" [1.3mm] thick sheet of high impact, ABS plastic and shall be permanently bonded to the internal wood core where they come in contact.
    Internal Wood Frame:

    1. The inner wood frame shall be constructed of hardwood such as Alder or Whitewood, or wood laminates of equivalent strength and performance, and shall be nominally 3/4" [1.9mm] thick.

    2. The frame shall consist of cross members at approximately 41/2” [59mm] intervals and a perimeter apron, minimum 2 1/4” [57mm] high.

    3. Cross members shall be nominally 3 3/8” [85mm] and 1 3/8 [35mm] wide, with a minimum of four (4) of the wider cross members in each table.

    4. Rectangular tables over six (6) feet [180cm] long shall have an additional cross member across the center, minimum 2 1/4” [57mm] high.

    5. Tables shall have a “runner” on each side, minimum 2 1/4” [57mm] high.

    6. The framework shall be fastened together with 1/4” [32mm] pneumatically driven staples.

    Internal Wood Laminate Core:

    1. A 0.10“-0.14” [2.5mm - 3.6mm] thick wood laminate layer shall be permanently bonded to both outer shells of plastic where they come in contact with each other.

    Internal Edge Reinforcing Extrusion:

    1. An extrusion of high impact ABS shall be permanently bonded to the interior of the table, running continuously around the entire perimeter between corner components.

    Corner Reinforcement Component:

    1. All corners shall utilize an external corner-reinforcing component, which shall fit tightly between the ends of the wood perimeter members.

    Trim/Bumper Extrusion:

    1. The trim extrusion shall be chemically welded to the entire perimeter of each table, welding the top shell to the bottom shell.

    2. The trim extrusion shall provide an aesthetic, finished edge. It shall be nominally .080" [2mm] thick and 1/2” [12.5mm] wide.

    3. The welding of the trim component shall be continuous, sealing the perimeter of the table and making it impervious to moisture.

    Folding Leg Construction:
    1. The base table shall be equipped with fixed height reinforced wishbone legs as standard, and shall have a 29” or optional 30” [76cm] height from top surface to floor. For the mobile buffet, the 18” wide
    top tier shall have insert-post-style legs and be 11 3/8” [29cm] from bottom surface of tier to top surface of base table.

    2. The standard base table leg shall be constructed of 1” [25mm] diameter 16 gauge [1.5mm] steel tubing, Vertical members shall each be welded to the cross bar and top bar.

    3. The standard base table leg assembly shall incorporate a folding steel brace mechanism consisting of two (2) each .155" [4mm] z-bars and a 16 gauge (.060") minimum 2 x 3/4 [50.8mm x 19.1mm] U-channel 12" [30.5cm] long. The folding mechanism is connected together at 6 points
    using 1/4" [6.4mm] steel pivot pins. A gravity-operated 16-gauge [1.6mm] steel lock ring locks the mechanism.

    4. Ends of legs shall be equipped with nylon or steel closures for floor protection.

    5. Adjustable height legs shall be available on selected table sizes at extra cost, allowing for table height adjustments between 25" and 38" [64cm- 97cm] in 1 inch [12.5cm] increments.

    6. Standard legs shall be cleaned and coated with brown or black mar-resist polyester powder, fused to the leg at 375°F [161°C] for 10 minutes.

    Folding Leg Mounting System:
    1. Leg assemblies shall be mounted to the members of the internal wood frame using 16 gauge [1.6mm] minimum steel tube clamps.

    2. The clamps are secured with a minimum of 2 each 1/ 4"[6.4mm] diameter x 3/4" long [6.4mm x 19.1mm] plated hex-head bolts into plated steel "T-Nut" type fasteners.

    3. The folding braces shall be attached to the frame members with 16 gauge minimum steel brackets.

    4. All brackets are secured with a minimum of 4 each 1/4" diameter x 3/4" long plated hex-head bolts into plated steel "T-Nut" type fasteners.

    5. Each "T-Nut" type fastener shall be pressed into the frame members from the topside. The fasteners shall have at least three (3) anti-spin prongs each.

    Performance Specifications:

    1. The tabletop surface can withstand direct contact with hot objects having a temperature of no more than 160° F [71°C] for no more than 10 minutes.

    2. Any rectangular table will support a static load of 2000 lbs. [907Kg], evenly distributed over the entire surface of the table. Under this load the legs shall experience no permanent bending or damage.

    3. A 30” x 72” [76cm x 183cm] table, as an example, shall withstand a vertical drop onto a smooth hard surface, squarely on the table's edge from a height of 8.0" [20.3cm], at a table temperature of 72°F [22°C], with no substantial damage such as cracking or crushing.

    4. All tables meet the American National Standard Institute's stability standard: ANSI-x5.5-1989.


    MP 3/15/19 updated price

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