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Banquet Hall Tables

Banquet hall tables can mean any number of things. Roundtables are common, but the most common are rectangular tables. If you follow the model of hotel ballrooms, you would go with roundtables. Extra-large ballrooms use a 72 inch round because they typically have a great deal of space, and also a lot of tabletop decorations.

Marriott hotels typically use a 66 inch round table. 72 inch round has some disadvantages and the 60 inch round is just a little too small for a Marriott hotel or other midsize ballrooms.

Churches would be advised to use 60 inch rounds. They are more economical in terms of space used, and easier to store and move around. 

Six foot banquet tables or eight foot banquet tables are very common as well. They can be used for many different things, in addition to banquet setups. Rectangular tables tend to restrict access more than roundtables, and that is why hotels and many convention centers abuse roundtables.

Trident offers them all. If you will explain your needs. To us, we can make recommendations based on your budget and they use you plan for your banquet tables.

Feel free to call and get expert advice, get a quote on trusted products, and the promise will give you the right price.