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Church Tables and Chairs

Churches have unique needs. And there are some tables that were specifically designed for church use. The Mity-Lite lightweight ABS plastic table was designed for churches in mind. Strong and durable yet lightweight and long-lasting. And long-lasting is not just smoke and mirrors because Mity-Lite offers a 15 year warranty on their tables.

Trident Furniture is Mity-Lite's largest national distributor. We know their products, because several of our sales reps spent 10 to 15 years at Mity-Lite. We also know if a  non-Mity-Lite table is appropriate. We can advise you on how to spend the sacred funds for your church, and you don't have to worry that we are trying to steer you to words any particular brand. Let's face it, no single company has all the products that are the very best, at the very best price.

When volunteers set up, take down, and move around things like tables and chairs, you have a very unique situation. This type of furniture must be lightweight, durable, and simple to use. Most of the damage that occurs to multipurpose room equipment, actually occurred during the set up, take down, and move around. Trident Furniture can make suggestions and offer options that no other company can.

Storage carts, and transport carts are an important part of your table and chair purchase. Please take a moment to give us a call, and we can explain things that you may not have considered, to help keep your costs down and your equipment in great condition.