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Pay Invoice

You can pay an invoice with a credit or debit card or Via ACH or PayPal direct (paypal to paypal)

PayPal to PayPal (click her to pay via PayPal)  Safe and Secure with the PayPal payment system.

Credit or Debit Card:  You can quickly and easily pay an outstanding invoice here in 2 simple steps. 

Remember, you DO NOT need to set up a PayPal account to pay this way. Trident uses paypal to process credit cards because they have the lowest fees and highest anti-fraud standards; and that gets you the best price too. 

After you click the BLUE Trident Man below, just 1) enter the invoice amount to pay in the box "item price" in the upper left section of the screen.  Then 2) click in the lower right "dont have a paypal accout", which takes you to the screen to enter your card information.  After you pay, you will get a confirmation email and can print a receipt.  Of course you can call if you have any questions or need help.   Thank you.

So, click on the Blue Trident Man below then look for the two images on the next page.

 pay-invoice2.jpg     dont-have-account.jpg