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Banquet Chairs

The most popular styles of banquet chairs are show below.  The Classic banquet chair, popularized by years of use in hotel banquet rooms, has taken on some new looks and designs, but remains popular. There are many to choose from and it can get confusing.  Please call if Trident can help. 

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Classic Banquet Chairs 

Click here for prices on the steel classic series chair 

Click here for prices for the aluminum classic series chair 


The Classic Series is the ideal example of a chair with quality and comfort.  It gives you limitless design possibilities with hundreds of fabric options and short lead times. 

Classic Series chairs are ideal for banquets, events, training, and conference facilities of any size that require attractive chairs that are durable and can stack quickly and securely.

Classic Chair Features

• Limitless design possibilities with frame colors, textures and vast fabric options
• Exceptional lifetime value - years of service - fabrics that can last for years
• Ideal for facilities of any size - Small classrooms to convention centers use the Classic
• Shorter lead times for a custom chair with your choice of fabric, frame, flex, feet and foam


Access Series - Value Based Banquet Seating

Click here for the Access Series Banquet Chair


Access Features

• Straightforward value-based banquet seating

• In-stock—Quick ship available

Quality banquet seating accessible to value conscious customers requiring short lead times.

Access Series chairs feature silhouette-style backs with no exposed fasteners, a generous warranty, and superior customer support. 




Essential Series - Style and Function - Affordable

Click here for Prices for the Aluminum Essential Serie Banquet Chairs 

Click here for the Steel Essential Series Chairs


Essential Chair Features

• Essential function & style features for large facilities
• Surprisingly affordable

The Essential Series delivers Mity-Lite's hallmark comfort, durability, and lightweight attributes for large banquet and event facilities at the greatest value. For chair orders of 500 or more.




Grand Series - Strong and Lightweight Aluminum Frame

The Grand Series, is a more Modern design in a banquet chair, with distinct look that works well in a banquet setting.  It has design features that make it durable and lightweight.  It's  aluminum frame and attractive styling put it in it's own class among traditional banquet chairs.

 Click here for Prices for the Grand Series Aluminum Banquet Chair


 Grand Features 

• Durable lightweight aluminum frame
• Limitless design possibilities
• Unrivaled comfort





Encore Series - The Next Generation in Design

 Click here for pricing on the Encore Series Banquet Chair


The next generation in banquet and conference seating, Encore Series stacking chairs are perfect for conference, hospitality, and event facilities of any size where guests may be seated for extended periods.

Encore Features

• Contemporary design
• Durable lightweight aluminum frame
• Generous-width comfort



Prestige Series - Design and Comfort

Click here for Pricing for the Prestige Series of Banquet Chairs


The Prestige Series combines comfort with enhanced style options to support the functionality and design reach a space demands.

From elegant ballrooms to upscale banquet and dining rooms, this chair collection provides the perfect balance of sophistication, functionality, and value.


 Prestige Features

• Refined comfort, style & design without sacrificing practicality
• Impressive value