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    Chairs from Trident Furniture

    When people say they need chairs the first words out of my mouth are "what type of chairs are you looking for" and "what is your budget".  The type of chair is the first thing to consider. And then the budget. And Trident Furniture can usually find the chair you're looking for within the budget you need to accommodate.

    When talking about chairs, like most things, a picture is worth 1000 words.  So let's approach this by using pictures and words.  The two broadest categories of chairs are stacking and folding.  But there are many types of both. 

    Let's talk about stacking chairs first.  Now of course, folding chairs can be stacked, so what were talking about are chairs that don't fold that are then stacked.  Some are designed to stack 6 to 8 high and others can be stacked vertical as highs you can reach.  Storage space for your chairs is one of the criteria to consider when making selection. But lets look at chairs first.

    Below are Traditional Hotel Banquet Chairs.  They have been around for 100+ years. They are most commonly a steel frame with a 2 inch foam seat with contract grade fabric.  They can range in price from $20 to $200.  And that is quite a range.  The factors that influence that are what we call the "Five+ F's"  Frame, Foam, Fabric, Feet, Flex and Fit & Finish.  The Frame shape can vary widely.  Foam can be soft or hard. Fabric can range from $5 a yard to $100 a yard.  The feet can be a plug or a nickel glide.  The back can flex or be rigid.  They stack 7-9 high.  Below are other types of "banquet style" chairs.


    Stacking Banquet Chairs


    Banquet Style Chairs

     Other Types of Banquet Chairs




    More Modern Style Chairs





    $19 Stacking Chair - The lowest cost and quality







    High Density Wire Stacking Chairs

    This type of chair is popular when storage space is at a premium. They are made with a wire frame and stack very well.  They are remarkably comfortable and durable.




     The chair shown above does not require a "starter cart" for storage. 



     Traditional High Density Wire Stacker or Stack Chair







    SwiftSet Stacking Chair - Stacks Strait up.  This chair is a member of the Mity-Lite SwiftSet Chair Family.  Durable and comfortable.


    swiftset-stacking-chairs.jpg swiftset-stacking-chair.jpg



    Mesh One Side Chair - Cool and comfortable. 








    Chiavari Style Stacking Chairs - This is a category of chair that has been around a hundred years.  Made of wood, resin, aluminum and exotic production methods that encase steel in resin.   They are venue and event specific.



    Carts and stacking height for this style 



    Napoleon Chair - A Variant of the Chivari Chair.  There are several other styles like this as well. 








    Tolix Style Metal Stacking Chairs - Hot and Trendy; since 1934.  Sturdy and Durable.




    Another Tolix Style Chair




     There are many other stacking chairs Trident Offers.  Ask us for Specific types.




    Folding Chairs

    The are many.  More to be updated here.

    just a few for now.  The Mesh One shown below



    The One Series Lite.  Also the One Series Pro and the Mesh one.  They all look about the same. 





    The Traditional Wedding Chair in White




    The Strong and Durable Swiftset Folding Chair




    Popular Poly Fold Plastic Folding Chair







    The timeless metal folding chair shown bare and padded.