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Chivari Chair Cushions

Chivari Chair Cushions

The links below show the various Chivari chair cushions available for Aluminum Chivari chairs, wood Chivari Chairs and plastic Chivari chairs.  There are several types of cushions. And many variations in quality. Some chiavari chair cushions are attached to the chair back (uprights) with straps that tie or velcro, others attach with Velcro to the seats and one unique cushion that Trident carries uses a clip strap so that your Chiavari can have a hard cushion and can also be used without a cushion and not worry about the adhesive Velcro.

Please call if you want advice on what we think would work best for your particular Chivari Chair and how you will be using them. (stack, move, etc)

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Chivari Cushions in the Store

Chivari Cushion - Black Fabric with Velcro Straps

Chivari Cushion - Hard Bottom - Ivory Vinyl Fabric with Snap Strap

Chivari Cushion - Hard Bottom and Black Vinyl Fabric

Chivari Cushion - Hard Bottom and Ivory Vinyl Fabric

Chivari Cushion - Ivory Fabric with Velcro Straps

Chivari Cushion CU50

Chivari Cushion CU100

Chivari Cushion CUPV