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Dance Floors

Portable dance floors are a very complicated product.

Below is a letter sent to a customer that had a specific application. We have included it here because it covers a number of subjects that relate to many people who are currently having a dance floor problem.


***************Letter to a Customer ******************


It was a pleasure talking to you about dance floors.  I passed the information along to get you some quotes. 

There was one more thing that came to mind as I watched that YouTube video of the pickle ball game.  Pickle ball and polka dancing have a couple things in common. When a person runs or moves quickly then makes a hard plant and then changes direction, it's very hard on many dance floors.  In that situation, many dance floors,  quite simply, will disassemble themselves. 

Also the perimeter frame is part of the design to hold dance floors together.  So you need a perimeter frame against a wall.

In researching dance floors, I attended a lot of late-night parties where some pretty crazy dancing went on, (this was legitimate business research by the way)  and I found that the screw down type floors tend to come apart, especially the older floors, with any type of crazy dancing going on.  Many times they have to stop and empty the floor and re connect panels screw down panels.   I do not recommend a screw down. The 2 options that were proposing are the cam lock and the Magnattach lock.  And contrary to most people's understanding, the Magnattach dance floor is not held together with magnets, the magnets simply pull big metal fingers into a locking position, and lock the floor in place.  In my opinion, in a sports application, the Magnattach dance floor would be the best option.  With Magnattach, there are no moving parts to vibrate loose or change position.  The cam lock would be the second option.


The other factor we discussed is the size of the panels, with 4 x 4 being preferable. 


Please feel free to contact me if you have any other questions about dance floors.



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