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Folding Table Carts

Folding table carts are a very important part of your multipurpose room furniture system. Most of the damage to tables actually occur in the set up, take down, and move around of tables. Good folding table carts help protect your tables. They also protect your people, from injury, wear and tear, and fatigue. There are many cheap folding table carts, and sometimes they actually cause more damage than not using the cart at all.

Trident furniture offers several table carts that are designed well, protect both your people and your tables, and are easy to use.

One of the biggest factors to look for in folding table carts are the wheels. Wheels need to match the surface that your going to be rolling your carts on. Cheap wheels just make life difficult.

Another very important factor is the space in which you will use the carts. I have been to many facilities where carts sit in a room unused, and on returnable, because they actually can't be rolled around in a facility. Call your experts at Trident Furniture so we can discuss how to make sure the carts you purchase will actually work in your facility. Simple questions like do you have double doors, do you have wide hallways, Do you have to take these in an elevator, what is the height of your elevator, etc. etc. etc. All of these type of questions should be addressed before you make decisions on folding table carts.

Another type of folding table cart that many people are unaware of our the stacking carts. If your facility can use forklifts, you can take advantage of your ceiling space. Cards that roll around and then can be stacked on top of each other can sometimes double your storage space.

The bottom line is that most people don't spend a lot of time thinking about their folding table carts. And they should. If you get the wrong carts, the don't work for your facility, they will forever be a headache. Give Trident a call and let us make some recommendations.

Trident Furniture has carts for almost every imaginable table.