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Heavy-duty Folding Chair

A heavy duty folding chair does not mean it has to be heavy. And heavy duty should mean just that. A chair that can hold 2000 pounds would be heavy duty and if that chair Weighs less than 12 pounds, you have found the winner. If you add features like incredible comfort, durable seat and back, feet, designed to be used outdoors, or to be used indoors on wood floors, you have just described even more of the perfect folding chair that also happens to be a heavy duty folding chair.

The Swiftset folding chair is what I'm describing. You may not need a 45 dollar chair But you may end up paying a lot more than that, over a period of years as you destroy other chairs. With colors like black, blue, green, gray, yellow, red wine, spice, brown mocha bone beige white off-white and the ability for custom colors, a Swiftset folding chair could last few years.

If you need chairs in an environment where they are highly abused, the Swiftset folding chair is your best option for a heavy-duty folding chair. You don't have to worry about big people breaking the chair, and then suing you, if you have a heavy-duty chair like this.

Trident Furniture knows chairs. We have a full line of folding chairs ranging from an inexpensive 10 dollar chair up to a heavy duty folding chair, like the Swiftset folding chair that is still lightweight. And one other thing I forgot to mention; they stack very densely, and have special indexing options so that they are very stable when stacked as well.

Please give Trident Furniture a call and explain your needs and your budget and we can make a recommendation for the best heavy duty folding chair that you can afford.