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Heavy Duty Plastic Tables

Heavy Duty Plastic Tables don't mean they have to be heavy.  Some are light weight.  Few are heavy duty and light weight.  This is how Mity-Lite built a Heavy Duty Plastic Table busines.   Mr Bryan built the first ABS plastic table with an internal wood frame, that closely resembles the Mity-Lite "Gen III" table, the Mity-Lite 3rd Generation Table.  

Mity-Lite's Brent Bonham designed a foam filled table, then changed and improved and re-desigend it into the "Gen II" table, pretty much like the Bryan table.    So the 1st Mity-lite table evolved from the Gen One or the 'No Drip edge" table and with a few more significant Bonham improvements and then more improvements by Dave Laws, is now called the Gen III table.  It is the best lightweight Heavy Duty Plastic Table currently in the market place. 

Mity-Lite filled a need for a lightweight plastic table that was durable, and has made, by my estimate over 4 million tables for churches, hotels, recreation departments, hospitals, banquet halls, social clubs and any place where people, set up, take down and move around tables.  And they want a heavy duty plastic table that is still light weight and durable.

The links below provide more info on Mity-Lite tables.

Mity-Lite Plastic Tables