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Lunch Room Tables

Lunchroom tables or breakroom tables fall into two major categories. Rectangular or round. Standard banquet tables, which are rectangular, can easily be used in lunchrooms, cafeterias, or breakroom's. Roundtables can be a little more complicated in terms of space utilization, but they do offer advantages for those people using them.

Round tables From 48 inch round to 72 inch round are common. However, the best option would be a 54 inch or 60 inch unless you have other specific needs for superlarge rounds, like the 72 inch. In fact I can't think of a situation where a 72 inch round makes sense for a breakroom or conference room or lunchroom. In all likelihood, the 60 inch round would be best.

If space is a premium, rectangular tables which are 24 inch wide with chairs on both sides may work well. A standard banquet table is 30 inches, so your savings six inches with each one, which could allow for an entire extra row in some rooms.

Trident Furniture carries all the sizes of banquet, lunchroom, or breakroom tables. Both in plywood, plastic or aluminum.


Mity-Lite Madera Plywood or Laminate Folding Table - MPRT-1872 (18" X 72") Conference Style Folding Leg Table

8'x30" Plywood Folding Table - Aluminum Edge

Mity-Lite ABS Plastic Table - RT-1872-OC (18" X 72") Rectangular Folding Table

Mity-Lite AI Aluminum Folding Table - MAART1872 (18" X 72") Conference Style Folding Leg Table