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Rolling Table

Mobile Bar or Service Table

Moble bars are common, but finding one that supports a rolling load of 1600 lbs is another story.  The one show below has many uses as talked about in the cool tools site info we found.  Check them out too.

From the "cool tools" site linkded above

Having a rolling table that can support a lot of weight (1600 lbs) is great.  We use these in the office but they are designed for food service.  I even got a rack that fits under it for extra space. And you can get a detachable top shelf too, that all comes apart quickly and easily and folds for storage. Cool for many uses.  I want one for my garage now for working on my car restoration when I need some extra bench space.  But in the office, we use it for food and meetings.  I guess they call it a mobile bar too.

Mity-Lite ABS Plastic Mobile Table - MB-3072 30" X 72" rolling table only

Mity-Lite ABS Plastic Mobile Table - MB-3696 36" X 96" rolling table with Top Tier included only

mobile buffet table with wheels