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Mity-Lite Table Colors and Leg Options for ABS Plastic tables

Mity-Lite Table Colors and Leg Options for ABS Plastic Tables


Mity-Lite has four (4) haircell texture abs table tops.  Hair cell means a very fine texture. And there are 2 smooth top finishes For the Mity-Lite ABS plastic tables.  The smooth top is designed to be a writable surface.   The hair cell texture is the standard surface.

The reality is, if you have 2 or 3 sheets of paper and your writing on the top one, the hair cell texture does not cause any problem or distortion.  In addition, the hair cell texture takes a lot more abuse and does not leave scuffs and scrapes and other signs of abuse as will the smooth top.  Most people are going to cover their tables anyway, so the writable surface to start become an issue.

One exception for smooth versus hair cell has to do with children, markers and other things that can get in the hair cell texture. Sometimes a smooth top makes sense, so give us a call and we can talk about it. It should be noted too that the textured surfaces can be cleaned with a stiff nylon brush and Dawn dish soap, which does the best job of all things that are been tested.


Mity-Lite table Colors