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Mity-Lite SA (Short Adjustable) Folding Legs

Images below show Mity-Lite ABS plastic Tables withSA, short adjustable, legs.

RT3072-SA shown below.  The SA (shortadjsutable leg) is avaialble on the following rectangular folding tables.  RT3696 (36"x96"), RT3672 (36"x72"), RT3096 30"x96"), RT3072 (30"x72"), RT3060 (30"x60"), RT3048 (30"x48").

Trident Mity-Lite RT3072 with SA Legs





















Below is the Underside of the Mity-Lite CT60 table with the SA (short adjustable) legs. 

The SA (Short Adjustable) leg is available on the Mity-Lite 5 foot circular table (5 foot round tables) This is the CT60-SA table and the only Mity-Lite offered with this optional table leg.


Trident Mity-Lite CT60 SA Legs





















Picture shown is a CT60-SA table that has been in use for 10 years at a pre-school.  Not a new table.