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Portable Dance Floor Prices

There are many options for dance floors and like most purchases, is budget driven.  The best possible outcome is to get the best floor for your budget.  Trident offers several options.  From the most expensive to the most economical.  Don'te be fooled by "sales" and promotions.  There are some cheap floors out there and some very high end systems.  Trident has the lowest "cost" floor (1x1 squares)  and the most expensive... and the best price for each of them, and several in between.  For example, real wood parquet in a 1x1 system that is quite nice.  Or one system that has a totally seamless look with real wood, or a laminate floor that assebles very fast.  Trident can help you decide the best flooring system based on your needs and your budget.  We dont really care what you get, but we care about what you need, and want you to be happy with your decision.

Visit the following links to get prices for different sizes of portable dance floors.

Magnattach Portable Dance Floors (Sold as a Kit)

Dancers Choice Portable Dance Floor


One Chart showing how to determine the floor size and number of dancers

12' x 12' : 32 people or 144 square feet
12' x 20' : 52 people or 240 square feet
16' x 16' : 56 people or 256 square feet
18' x 18' : 72 people or 324 square feet
16' x 24' : 85 people or 384 square feet
20' x 20' : 88 people or 400 square feet
16' x 28' : 100 people or 448 square feet
18' x 26' : 104 people or 468 square feet
24' x 24' : 128 people or 576 square feet
26' x 26' : 150 people or 676 square feet
20' x 40' : 178 people or 800 square feet
30' x 30' : 200 people or 900 square feet
36' x 36' : 288 people or 1,296 square feet
40' x 40' : 355 people or 1,600 square feet

A common way to calculate how many square feet you will need is take the total number of guests, divide by 2 (only 1/2 the people will dance at one time), and multiply by 4.5 square feet per dancer. This gives you an estimated square footage required for dancing, and then use this chart to pick the dimensions closest to that number.

Example: 200 guests/2 = 100 people * 4.5 sq ft = 450 sq ft.