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Table Edge Info

Types of Table Edges


There are two main types of plywood table edges.  Bullnose and metal edge.  Bull nose is an extruded strip of vinyl that is attached to the edge in a groove cut into the edge of the table.  Metal edges are bent or extruded strips of steel or aluminum that are fixed to the edge of the table.  See images below and variations of the two main types. 




 Vinyl bull nose shown below



Shown Below: Metal edge shown clamped on plywood. 













Shown Below: T-mold shown in plywood with wilson art type laminate top.





Shown Below: T-mold shown in plywood with stained plywood top.


Shown Below: T-mold shown in plywood with thin laminate top.








Shown Below: Variation: Galvanized steel edges that are flush on top and affixed from below.



Variation:  Aluminum t-mold edge p iece.  Inserted and clamped onto the edge.



Trident V-Series Plywood Aluminum Edge







 Plastic Table Edges - ABS vs Blow Mold




Shown Below: No real edge used on blow mold tables. 



Shown Below: Mity-Lite Edge Shown in cut-a-way







Shown Below: Engineed edges used on ABS plastic tables