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Sales Tax

Sales tax is a complex issue, but we've made it extremely simple.

You won't pay sales tax outside of Utah.  Unless your organization requires it.

We are required by law to collect sales tax if we make a sale in the same state where we have facilities.

Because we only have one facility in one state, it is unlikely that we will need to collect sales tax on the majority of orders.

If you happen to live in Utah, you will be charged the required sales tax for your order.

If you buy furniture online from one of the major office supply chains or home improvement stores, or "club Stores" and some other people, you'd be guaranteed to pay sales tax because they have facilities in every state.

Use Tax
While we do not collect sales tax, some states – including Vermont, Oklahoma and South Dakota – require purchasers to voluntarily report and remit usage tax to their state.

Contact your individual state for more information regarding use tax.

Your signed order acknowledges that you will be responsible for sales tax where applicable.