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Trident Payments with Intuit Payment Network

Trident Furniture Group takes web based payments using Intuit Payment Network.  We can use E-Invoiceing (Electronic Invoicing) as well as all the standard methods, like wire transfer, checks, etc.

Using the Intuit system is easy and convienient.  And you can enjoy peace of mind every time you pay.  Intuit processes more than 116 million small business transactions every year.  All information is protected and kept confidential.

Invoices can be made using ACH (electronic checks drawn on a checking account and all the standard Credit Cards. 

Below is an Example of an Electronic Invoice.  Click on the Blue "Invoice Now Box" at the bottom of your invoice to open it and review and pay.



Below is what an Invoice looks like when open and payable. 

When you open your invoice, check all the information for accuracy.  Payment denotes the items and other information is correct.




Again, paying this way is fast safe and simple.  If you do have questions, call us and we can help.  



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