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Serpentine or SERP

Some options with more links below:  High quality plywood 3060  Imported 24x66 inch (48 inch Radius) 


Serpentine tables can be needlessly complicated. Two common sizes are a 30 x 60 and a 30 x 72. But those sizes don't tell the whole story.

Many other sizes exist, so the charts and diagrams below can help you determine what you have and what you ought to purchase to match.

Table height is always a factor especially when you need to match tables together. 29 inch height tables are standard,  30 inch high is also common.


The diagrams below shows how to measure and select a serpentine table.

Serpentine tables are usually referenced by the inside diameter (A) when they are arranged in a circle coupled with the width of the table (C)

For example, the a 30x60 as one of the most common.  Four (4) of the ST3060 arranged in a circle would allow a 60 inch table to sit in the middle, Creating a 120 inch round surface area. (Measured as two 30 inch wide serps and one 60 inch table.) 30+30+60 = 120  

The 2nd most common, the 36x72, when arranged in a circle would allow a 72 inch table to sit in the middle, Creating a 144 inch round surface area. (Two 36 inch wide serps (36x72)  and a 72 inch round table.)   36+36+72 =144

Other than the links above, here are some other serpentine tables.   High quality plywood 3060  .   Imported 24x66 inch (48 inch Radius) 

Linenless Serpentine tables with available top shelf are:   Specialty Linen-less Tables - Serpentine - 30X60  or high end Reveal Specialty Linen-less Tables - Mobile Buffet, with Inner Arc shelf - Serpentine -30X60-1242 (MB)  or  


 In the diagrams below, for linen, the most important measurements are F, C and G. The inner curve (F), the width (C) and the outer curve (G).




The information below, show the inner circle size when four Serpentine tables are placed in a circle. 

4 X 48" Serpentines = 8' Circle ( 36" Inside)
4 X 54" Serpentines = 9' Circle ( 48" Inside)
4 X 60" Serpentines = 10' Circle ( 60" Inside)
4 X 72" Serpentines = 12' Circle ( 84" Inside)


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